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jounce n : a sudden impact; "the door closed with a jolt" [syn: jolt, jar] v : move up and down repeatedly [syn: bounce]

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  1. To jolt; to shake, especially by rough riding or by driving over obstructions.

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  1. snap

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In physics, snap, also referred to as jounce and various other words, is the fourth derivative of the displacement vector with respect to time, with the first, second, and third derivatives being velocity, acceleration, and jerk, respectively; in other words, the snap is the rate of change of the jerk with respect to time.
Currently, there are no well accepted designations for the derivatives of snap. The fifth and sixth derivatives of displacement as a function of time are "sometimes somewhat facetiously" referred to as "Crackle" and "Pop"; however, these terms have not gained widespread acceptance.


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